Cosplay Events

Have you ever thought about dressing up as your favorite character? Have you wanted to learn how to make a costume yourself? Well, Metro’s cosplay events and workshops may be for you. Cosplay can be more than just a fun hobby; it teaches problem solving, innovation, and numerous other skills that can be used in everyday life. It may even unearth a secret talent or passion for the arts!

Metro will offer classes, contests, and panels hosted by Cobalt Cosplay, an award-winning cosplayer who has worked with game companies such as Riot Games and miHoYo. Our expertise includes traditional artwork like drawing and painting to woodworking, leatherworking, sculpting, 3D printing, and more. We focus on complete visual transformation

Classes and Workshops

Classes will cover numerous topics hands-on. Will require a materials fee and parental consent form for minors.
EVA Foam Tips and Tricks

Learn how to work with an armor and prop-making material that has taken the cosplay world by storm!

How to Make a Foam Helmet

Learn how to work with basic patterns to create a 3-dimensional foam helmet

Prop Painting Workshop

Learn painting techniques from simple to complex that will help you take your armor and props to the next level.

Character Design Workshop

Learn about the basics of character and costume design from scratch and create your own character sketch!


We will periodically host themed costume contests where you can bring your A-game and show off your best looks. Prizes will be awarded for different categories such as best homemade costume, best video game costume, most creative, etc.

Panels/Information Sessions

Cosplay for the Absolute Beginner

This presentation will cover the absolute basics of cosplay for those looking to get into it for the first time. Topics will cover where to purchase premade costumes, sourcing/thrifting pieces, budgeting tips, and resources where you can learn how to make costumes or answer burning questions.

Making Your Own Costume From Scratch

Learn about the process of making a costume from start to finish. Will cover armor and sewing basics as well as material sourcing, tools needed, budgeting, and more.

Convention Tips and Advice

Have you wanted to attend an anime or pop culture convention but know nothing about them? This session will provide the best tips for first-time convention goers such as locations of different conventions, how to book hotels, events offered, time management, and costume etiquette.

Competing in Cosplay Contests

For anyone looking to take their costume-making to a competitive level, this panel will cover everything from what judges look for in contests to how to create a build book showcasing your work.

Advanced Costume Techniques and Materials

This session will cover advanced costume-making techniques, resources, materials, and how to think outside the box for the execution of your costume.

Wig Styling and Sourcing

Learn how to create gravity-defying wigs that may seem impossible at first glance. This panel will include topics on wig styling from the very basics to the most advanced techniques.

3D Printing

In recent years, 3d printing has become more prevalent amongst cosplay makers. Learn how to get started with 3d printing, buy your own printer, source 3d models, and more.

Cosplay Photoshoots 101

Getting professional photos of your costume is important for showing off your work in all of its glory or building a portfolio. Learn where to find photographers, how to plan location photoshoots, find photo spots at conventions, and the best poses to make your photos pop.

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