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Birthday Party Rental
Full Day Facility Rental

Full facility access, All PC game stations and consoles, Broadcast room, and Metro staff member.

Hours of Operation

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“What to expect”
Saturday and Sunday

Gaming Equipment Specifications

Gaming PC’s

Available PC

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Additional Info

Metro Esports provides game accounts to any participant for all of our games except the following:
  • Warzone
  • Minecraft
  • Roblox
    • If a participant wants to play these games, they will require their own account
    • While we have accounts for all other games, any participant is also welcome to use their own account
While our maximums are 15 during open hours and 25 for after hours rentals, we can accommodate up to 45 gaming participants as a lounge capacity
  • Reminder, the renter will be responsible for $10 per gaming participant over our maximums
  • We require knowing at least one week in advance a party size larger than our maximums to ensure we have enough staff support
Any parent or guardian who wishes to game will be considered a gaming participant


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